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Why we do it

Traning adds to the economic output of the nation.

the world is more complicated

Human – machine interaction is increasing and new forms of industry is emerging that requires new learning.

the world is more competitive

The nation – state system has put more pressures on industries to be competitive while demanding an increase of employment for human beings.

The world is disrputive

Formal learning takes too long in a world of rapid change, therefore training has to be rapid to be effective and it needs to cover new needs.   Analysis skills are needed now more than ever.

Houston, TX

Face recognition just got real

AI is now good enough to track your every move and will become more pervasive.  We have only a 3 year window to address the ethical challenges of AI before humans start to lose control over their entire existence.  But where there is one technology their can always be...

AI needs some ethical consideration

How AI is poised to replace every single person on Linkedin and Facebook with a fake person and you won't be able to tell the difference.  The 2016 election was a test bed for what is coming.  Without "real person" legislation, the entire media apparatus will promote...